Music is Brazil has derived from many different cultures, people, and regions. The history of music can be traced to ancient times where native tribes roamed South America. Many of the tribes, like the Amerindians, had already established their own musical taste and style before Europeans colonized South America. Throughout the 16th century, European dominance led to a new introduction to music within the region. Many Europeans brought African slaves whose cultural practices and styles of music, influenced “Brazilian music identity.”

There are many types of different musical styles within Brazil; Frevo, Funk Carioca, Forro, Maracatu, Lundu, Brazilian rock and many more. However, the most popular in the region are Samba, Choro, Bossa Nova, and Reggae.


Samba is recognized as “Brazil’s musical style” that combines tambourines, guitars, drums, and flutes to create a vibrant sound and style. Samba often goes hand in hand with dancing due to its lively rhythm, tone and the environment it provides. “Samba is derived from African roots in Brazil during the slave trade in the 16th century.” In fact, this style of music was often included in religious practices and ceremonies. Today, Samba is further divided into more styles of music within Brazil.


This particular style of music originated from Rio De Janeiro during the 19th century. It consists of various instruments such as the flute, guitar, and chordophone to produce the distinct, yet beautiful instrumental sound. It consists of a fast paced and upbeat rhythm that originated from African roots. Brasileiro Tango (Brazilian Tango) is often accompanied with this type of musical style.

Bossa Nova

Bossa Nova stemmed from Samba and is a softer type of style, in comparison with its predecessors. “This style of music is often described as a fusion of jazz harmonies and a smoother often slower samba beat.” This style transpired in the wealthier side of Rio de Janeiro and earned its popularity throughout the 60s. A key factor to note is that Bossa Nova is a classical and instrumental type of musical style.

Reggae (Reggeaton)

Reggae is considered to be one of the most popular types of music throughout Brazil for its hip hop rhythm and salsa beats.  Even though this style originated from Puerto Rico and Panama, it is often played mostly among the youth in Brazil and the youth in Latin America. Reggae is a new style of music that has only been around since the late 90s. However, in the last decade, this style of music has erupted throughout the region of Brazil.


There have been many musical artists that have inspired millions worldwide and have become a part of Brazil’s musical legends. Many artists influenced different types of musical styles and even created musical pieces that contributed to Brazil’s cultural roots. Many musical legends such as Dorival Caymmi, Antônio Carlos Jobim, Chico Buarque, and João Gilberto were all a part of the Bossa Nova movement.

Artists like Antônio Carlos Brasileiro, João Gilberto,  Marisa Monte, Dorival Caymmi, Elis Regina, Elza Soares, and Clara Nunes have also influenced the musical styles of Samba. While many of the legends have passed away, Samba music continues to produce new artists every year. There are not too many Reggeaton artists from Brazil because most are from Puerto Rico. However, some artists in Brazil are Lucenzo, Muamba pitt and Kartel Latino.





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