Event: The Sui Dynasty

In the year 589 CE, China was once again reunited for the first time since the end of the Han dynasty. This time, it was under the Sui dynasty that it was able to reach this accomplishment. However, this dynasty is one of the shortest in China’s history. Although the Sui dynasty managed to accomplish a lot of things during its rule, it only lasted for a total of 30 years. This early end was caused by the taxes and mandatory labor that the Sui leaders, Wendi (589-604) and later Yangdi (604-618), imposed on their people.

After establishing the dynasty, Emperor Wendi work hard towards a goal to control the region that his empire was in charge of. To do so, Emperor Wendi started a construction project that is now extremely famous and known as The Great Wall of China. Another construction project that he put into place was the Grand Canal. By creating this canal, Emperor Wendi was able to connect 3 rivers: the Yellow, Huai, and Yangzi Rivers. He also reopened the western trade routes with the western Yuezhi by helping them undermine the eastern Yuezhi. By doing so, they not only gained an ally, but also reduced the amount of attacks from the eastern Yuezhi.

In 604 CE, Emperor Wendi’s son came into power. His name was Emperor Yangdi. Emperor Yangdi continued to implement his father’s policies. He installed a Confucian bureaucracy, made wars, and continued with the construction projects. However, he made the mistake of using too many resources. Depleting their supplied of what they needed. As a result, the people of the Sui dynasty began to rebel against the emperor. These rebellions all eventually led to the downfall of the Sui dynasty.