2015 Air Strikes in Syria

Allison Howells


Paris 2014

President Hollande launched airstrikes against the Islamic State in Syria. France had joined the campaign against ISIS in Iraq, but it is now expanding to include the militant groups in Syria. The Northern territories of Syria have recently raised attention and a series of air surveillance operations were conducted to find the main target.

The strike targeted and destroyed a training camp in east of Syria, which was suspected of carrying out attacks against French citizens. President Hollande announced on September 27, 2015, “France struck in Syria this morning an Islamic State training camp which threatened the security of our country”. The training camp was accused to have been planning more attakcs in Europe.

Syria had been on France’s  radar ever since the rise of President Bashar al-Assad’s rebellion beginning in 2011. Moreover, France has domestic experience with Islamic terrorism; Islamic extremists have threatened French civilians in recent years. The Charlie Hebdo, a satirical newspaper in Paris, has been subject to attacks twice. A 2012 ban on militant Islamic preachers was a response to an Islamic extremist shooting in Toulouse. Earlier this year, smaller Islamic terrorist attacks have been carried out. As more refugees flee towards Europe, the terrorist threats are also considered to be a threat of civilians in Syria. With the future of Syria in the hands of President Bashar al-Assad, France is continuing to work diplomatically to find a political solution. Hollande announced the possibility of future air strikes in Syria, but wishes to carry out these operations independently from the United States.