Timeline of Events

7th century- Arab invasion. The first dynasty is formed in Moroccan territory.

10th century- Political unrest continues. Dynasties are changing over through the next seven centuries

1884- Spain claim coastal Moroccan territory their own.

1904- France and Spain divide the territory among themselves.

1906- Algeciras Conference takes place in Spain. France and Spain are now allowed to manage Moroccan ports and retain customs fees.

1912-  The Treaty of Fez declares Morocco a protectorate of France, while coastal regions remain a protectorate of Spain.

1921-1926- Tribal rebellions are squashed by French and Spanish troops.

1943- Istiqlal, a party of Independence is formed.

1956- The French protectorate ends. Spain remains in control of coastal regions.

1957- Sultan Mohammed rises to power.

1961- King Mohammed dies, King Hassan II takes the throne.

1963- First election.

1965- King Hassan declares Morocco in a state of emergency. Parliament is suspended.

1971- An attempt is made to establish a republic.

1973- The Polisario movement is formed in order to form a separate state in southern Spanish territory.

1975- King Hassan orders 350,000 people to cross into “Spanish Sahara”, the area in southern Morocco which the Algerians wished to form into a separate state. Spain eventually leaves the Spanish Sahara, giving it’s control back to Morocco and Mauritania. Algeria threatens Morocco, and Moroccan forces move to the Western Sahara.

1976- Uproar continues between Moroccan and Algerian troops in Western Sahara. Algeria forms the Saharawi Arab Democratic Republic (SADR). Morocco and Mauritania begin to distribute the Western Saharan land. Moroccan and Polisario forces continue to fight, which causes significant financial distress on Moroccans.

1983- King Hassan meets with the Algerian president meet in an attempt to settle their relations. Elections are canceled because of their economic state.

1984- Morocco exits the Organization of African Unity as a protest to SADR’s entrance. The Polisario accepts responsibility for over 5,000 Moroccan deaths between 1982 and 1985.

1988- Algerian relations improve.

1991- A ceasefire begins in Western Sahara; however, ceasefire violations are reported.

2001- King Mohammed takes a highly controversial tour of Western Sahara.

2003- Casablanca bombings

2004- US establishes a free trade agreement.


published by Alex Gerberick