Casablanca Bombings

May 17. 2003, 41 people including 10 suicide bombers died, with 100 others wounded. Hotel Farah, and Jewish community center, and the Casa de Espana restaurant, and a Jewish cemetery were the targets. The Belgian consulate was also close by. Most of the victims were Moroccan; however, at least seven Europeans were killed. 3 suspects were arrested, but no one took responsibility for the attacks. Osama bin Laden does consider Morocco on a list of apostate Arab nations, putting them at risk for attacks such as this. Up until this point, Morocco had remained fairly low profile, despite being close to both the United States and Israel. The previous Monday, Saudi Arabia had suicide attacks as well, killing 34 people. This was seen as a warning from Al Qaeda, as the target was a housing compound for foreigners.

Moroccans saw this attack as “paying a price for being a friend of the United States.”

Attacks like these are very detrimental to Morocco especially as the majority of their economy relies upon tourism. This was the first terrorist attack in years.