The Colonial Decade

In 1921 Abd-el-Krim lead a victory against a Spanish army of 20,000, giving him control of the Rif Mountains. It wasn’t until 1926 that the French and Spanish were able to regain control of this territory with the force of over 250,000 men.

This small victory for Morocco, no matter how short lived, provided young Moroccans with something they had not had before- hope. World War II shed light on the situations surrounding their colonization, and the Casablanca Conference in 1943 was an open forum for international leaders such as President Roosevelt, to express their opposition towards French occupied Morocco. In 1944, the Independence Party was formed. It isn’t until 1952 that France takes action and arrests the leaders of the Independence Party. The sultan of Morocco, Muhammad V is sent into exile the following year.

Terrorism increased starting in 1955. The French government began to cave in their support and Muhammad V is brought back from exile. In 1955 France accepts Morocco’s Independence, and the following year, the Spanish do the same.