South Korea 2

Richie Lee

INTL 151

Professor Mathis

South Korea

2333 BC: First kingdom

Gojoseon is the first kingdom founded by Dangun

676 AD: Three Kingdoms in Korea

Silla kingdom, Goguryeo kingdom, Baekje kingdom ruled

1910: Japanese take control of Korea

The end of the Chosun dynasty which the Japenese invades.

1945: Japanese Occupation ends

Japan no longer is in control over Korea after 35 years. (1910-1945)

1945: The 38th Parallel divided

The division of North and South Korea after WWII has ended. Russia has occupied the North and the U.S-South.

1948: Officially two separate countries

Officially announced in 1948 that North Korea and South Korea are two separate countries.

1950-1953- Korean War

South Korea wants independence and North Korea tries to invade killing at the estimate of 2 million people total.

1953- Armistice between two countries

North and South Korea both come into agreement of stopping the war but are on pause. Still having tension.

1961- Park Chung Hee becomes in charge of South Korea

The military coup puts Park Chung Hee as the leader of South Korea (my grandpa was also the bodyguard for that president)

1979- Park Chung Hee assassinated

As things were looking better with the North and South, a North Korean has shot the president in a conference room. This has made tensions come back up again.

1980- Gwangju Massacre

The South Korean government killed at least 200 people when students from a local school were protesting.

1988- Seoul Olympics

The first worldwide event hosted by South Korea making a historical mark for the country.

1991- Joining the UN

North and South Korea joins the United Nations

1996- North Korea attacks

North Korean submarines go to the South Korea having 24 people killed

2000- Reunion

President Kim Dae Jung has talked with North Korean officials having the families that were separated from the Korean War reunite. One hundred North Koreans meet their relatives making it the first time they have contacted each other in almost fifty years.

2002- World Cup

The second time South Korea has hosted a worldwide event. South Korea went to the semi-finals and after that happened, the country got more united,

2002- Naval battle

North Korea has attacked the South Korean naval for the second time having four South Koreans dead and nineteen wounded. Thirty North Koreans were believed killed.

2004- New Capital

By 2030, Seoul will not be the capital anymore. The new capital will be Yeongi-Keongju.

2005- Controversy over land

Japan and South Korea fighting over who’s land is who’s. South Korea said that the move caused serious damage to their relationship.

2007- Leaders talk again

North and South Korea officials talk again since 15 years of no contact with each other.

2009- Suicide

Former South Korean President Roh Moo-Hyun commits suicide over a bribery scandal causing the country to be in shock.

2012- First female President

The daughter of former President Park Chung Hee becomes president of South Korea having it to be the first female president for the country.

2014- South Korea Ferry incident

A ship that carried over 400 passengers, those were to be high school students, were killed because of the overweight objects on the ship. The captain did not tell the passengers to escape but to stay in place causing them to all drown. A very emotional and sad day for the country.

2015- North Korea denies

North Korea doesn’t apologize for the incident that happened in 2010 that killed over forty South Korean sailors.


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