Spain’s Timeline of Events

1496- Spanish kingdoms are united with the marriage of King Ferdinand II and Queen Isabela. The two forces gain control of Granada and drive out Moorish rule for good.

1502- Roman Catholicism is recognized as the country’s main religion after the Spanish Inquisition.

1588- The Spanish Armada plans an attack on England in order to gain control of their throne, but are defeated by the English Navy, a terrible upset in this time.

1605- Don Quixote is published and is called the first modern novel in Spanish literature. Miguel de Cervantes becomes the most widely author not only in Spain but throughout England.

1808- Spanish War of Independence; Britain and Portugal provide aid to Spain in order to defeat Napoleon’s forced during the Peninsula War.  Spain gains full freedom from France.

1898- Spanish- American wars begins when US offers support to Cuba’s efforts to become independent of Spanish rule.

1899- Spain & American sign a treaty to end the war five months later.  Spain loses control of several colonies including Puerto Rico, Guam, Cuba and their claim to the Philippines.

1931- Spanish citizens vote to end their Monarchy rule and establish themselves as a republic.

1936-1939- The Spanish Civil War is started by a nationalist group that strongly opposes the Republican party.  After this Francisco Franco takes power and rules as a dictator.

1955- Spain becomes a member of the United Nations after allowing the US to establish military bases on their soil during the Cold War.  This decreases their stance of international seclusion.

1957- El Milagro Española- Spain experiences an economic boom, due in part to loans given to them by the US during the Cold war.  Their housing market rises dramatically and theregions begin improving their infrastructure.

1975- King Juan Carlos gains power from Franco, a strict nationalist, and helps the country transition to a democracy.

1980- The ETA ( Basque freedom group) kill 118 people this year, one of the most violent since their formation.  This group is suspected to responsible for recent car bombings, assassinations of political figures and other acts of terrorism.  Their extremist views are remnants of Franco’s fascist party.

1986- Spain becomes a member of the European Union.

1992- Barcelona, Spain hosts the 25th summer Olympic games.

2008- Historical Memory laws allows those who evacuated Spain during the Civil War the right to now apply to be citizens.  Many were children sent all over Europe in order to escape Franco’s severe punishment for republicans.

2009- With 4 million people unemployed, marks the beginning of the Spanish Recession

2013- Realizing they need help if they hope to move out of this economic despair, Spain receives aid from the Eurozone financial emergency facility.

2013- Unemployment rate hits a record high, but by September Spain is declared officially out of the recession.