1478 The Spanish Inquisition was established. It was a court that was used to prosecute heretics , those who did not follow what the religious norm was.

1808-1814    The Peninsular war took place due to ownership of the Iberian Peninsula and was a part of the Napoleonic wars. War was declared after France invaded Spain and Portugal. 

1810 Colombia and Argentina sought independence from Spain.

1817 Spain officially abolished slavery.

1868 Cuba fought for independence from Spain.

1878 The pact of Zanjon was signed and Spain’s 10 year war with Cuba ended.

1882 The ground was broken for the construction of La Sagrada Familia, a Roman Catholic church designed by Antoni Gaudí.

1898 The Spanish-American War began. Spain declared war when they refused to pull out of Cuba.

1899 A peace treaty between the United States and Spain was approved and the Spanish-American war officially ended.

1926 The United States declared non-intervention in the Spanish Civil War.

1936 The Battle of Madrid began on November 7 thus leading to the Spanish Civil War.

1937 The United States banned all weapon shipments to Spain.

1938 General Francisco Franco declared victory against the Spanish Republican Goverment.

1939 The Spanish Civil ended when General Franco conquered Madrid and became the leader of Fascist Spain.

1953 Spain and the United States signed a treaty which allowed the U.S to have four bases set in Spain.

1968 ETA, a Basque Homeland and Freedom separatist group killed Civil Guard Jose Pardines Arcay . This was ETA’s first killing.

1982 Spain became the 16th member of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization, the first in the Western Alliance since 1955.

1992 The 25th Summer Olympics was held in Barcelona, Spain.

1997 Since the ETA’s first attack, over 800 people died. After the death of a beloved city councilor, over 2 million people protested against the separatist group.

2005 After years of many deaths of political leaders, the ETA announced that it will no longer assassinate leaders.

2015 The European Union fined Spain nearly $21 million for manipulating its economic statistics.


By Somarly Tep