Timeline of Events

United Arab Emirates:

  1. 1820- Trucial States became centralized and effective states in their region in 1820, thus five states emerged in the western region of the Persian gulf. These states included Abu Dhabi (1820–1971), Ajman (1820–1971), ,Ras al-Khaimah (1820–1971), Sharjah (1820–1971),Umm al-Quwain (1820–1971).
  2. 1820- Piracy was threat to imperial powers during the 20 century and so imperial powers came up with the idea to combat piracy with the help of local rulers in region which are now known as people from the Trucial States. Rulers in the region of the Gulf Coast and the British government signed an agreement to combat the piracy among the coastal region of the Persian Gulf.
  3. 1892- Trucial and British Agreement of 1892.
  4. 1948- Shiekh Saqr Bin-Muhammad al-Qasimi becomes the ruler of the state of Ras al-Khaymah, which is region that is found in the north of the Trucial States.
  5. 1950- Oil is discovered by officials in the Trucial Region and thus the information of discovery is spread around the world.
  6. 1952- The seven emirates states form into one Trucial Council, which is crucial because its shows the the states understood that they must form into one centralized form of authority or they may be subject to political abuse from outside sources.
  7. 1962- Oil is exported and traded out of the state of Abu Dhabi, marking the first of many sales of oil into the world market and the oil industry.
  8. 1968- The countries of Bahrain and Qatar join the Council for the Trucial States on the basis that these countries and the Trucial states have a lot in common, for that it is in their best interest to work together.
  9. 1968- After the countries of Bahrain and Qatar join, the differences outweigh the similarities of the union and thus the Council starts to experience the crumble of authority.
  10. 1971- The Trucial States gain full independence from British control and a new nation state is claimed with the fall of British control in the region.
  11. 1971- The new nation is formed, includes all five former states of Trucial States, which are subject to one federation called the United Arab Emirates.
  12. 1971- Iran starts to extend political and regional influence in the Persian Gulf, and with that the Islamic Republic of Iran occupies islands of Greater Tunb Island, Lesser Tunb Island, and Abu Musa Island.
  13. 1971- The political change from the United Arab Emirates does not stop, and thus the UAE starts to experiment diplomacy with its Arab neighbors. The UAE in 1971, joins the Arab League, which is a regional organization that helps promote military stability, economic stability and political stability for Arab nations in the Middle East.
  14. 1972- The state of Ras al-Khaymah finally joins the federation of the United Arab Emirates, as Sheikh Saqr bin Mohammad alQasimi finally decides to join the federation after thirty years of ruling.
  15. 1981- U.A.E form the Gulf Cooperation Council, which consisted of the host country of U.A.E, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Bahrain, Qatar and Oman. The GCC has many roles, but it serves as a regional security organization to keep peace in the states of its members.
  16. 1989- Arab Cooperation Council is formed in response from other countries in that region being left out from the GCC. This is a vital council showing not only is the Middle East divisible, but how the Middle East is separated into a class structure of wealthy and non wealthy states, The ACC consisted of four countries, these countries are the less wealthy countries in the Middle East, including Yemen, Egypt, Iraq, and Jordan.
  17. 1986- Sheikh Zayed Bin-Sultan Al Nuhayyan is re-elected for his fourth term, this reinforces the idea that United Arab Emirates is not a democracy, but rather Hereditary Monarchy.
  18. 1986- Later that year, the re-election of the Sheikh Zayed Bin-Sultan Al Nuhayyan causes riots and plots against him. Furthermore, a coup was attempted on the Sheikh Zayed Bin-Sultan Al Nuhayyan, but was not succeeded.
  19. 1991-U.A.E. joins the coalition forces to fight off aggression from Saddam Hussein and his forces in Kuwait. U.A.E helps out Kuwait because not only are they a strong ally in that region, but are also part of the GCC, and also fear from Saddam aggression in the Middle East.
    2008- The state of Dubai and the country of Qatar become the two substantial shareholders in the Oil industry and are considered to be the worlds thirds largest stock exchange.
  20. 2014- U.A.E start to make plans for space, and plan to send a spacecraft to Mars in the near future. If U.A.E succeeds they will be the first Islamic monarchy and Arab nation to successfully send a spacecraft to Mars.