Trucial Council- Independence- New Nation-State


1952- The seven emirate states form into one Trucial Council, which is crucial because it shows the states understood that they must form into one centralized form of authority or they may be subject to political abuse from outside sources.

1971- The Trucial States gain full independence from British control and a new nation state is claimed with the fall of British control in the region.

1971- The new nation is formed, includes all five former states of the Trucial States excluding Ras al-Khaymah, which are subject to one federation called the United Arab Emirates.


The formation of one Trucial Council, the movement for independence from British influence, and the formation of a new nation state was from the realization from the Trucial States that they had the potential to become a developed state. This idea of forming a new political government to represent the Trucial States stemmed from the massive capital that was being generated from the oil industries in Trucial States. In 1952, the seven Trucial states formed one Trucial Council to represent them and there were many reasons why such a council was created. There are several reasons why the Trucial Council was created: it served to bring one collective action from all states, it served to equally represent the voices of all states within the Trucial States, and most importantly to deter any outside influence that may harm the Trucial States.  The rulers of each province/state within the Trucial States were able to overcome a collective action problem and work together regardless of their different ideological goals. With capital comes power, and that stood to be true with the Trucial States in 1971. The Trucial States on December 2, 1971 were able to push British control out of the region and start the creation process of a modern nation-state. In order to understand the sudden urge to eliminate British control out of the provinces within the Trucial States, one must understand the a once dependent Trucial States were now able to stand on their own. Thus meaning that Trucial States did not need British support in that region anymore, as the Trucial States were able to promote stability and security on their own. After successfully pushing the British influence out of the region, the Trucial States formed a new nation-state called the United Arab Emirates. The new government that was created is under a federation of monarchies, thereby the U.A.E. is consisted of seven emirate states and one council body that represents the country as a whole. The United Arab Emirates still stands to this day as well developed nation within the Middle East and this all thanks to the actions of the Trucial Council in 1952 which sparked the idea for independence from the British influence.