Ever since I have grown up, choices have always been made for me. In my household, every single decision has been made upon my parents. According to the readings, Americans tend to be more individualistic. My raising has taught me to realize that not all decisions will be up to your own discretion.


However, I do agree that once you reach a point in your life- you are given the autonomy to make your own decisions. Once I became eighteen, that is when I started to see the freedom. Although my parents are seen to be a “strict” pair l, once I turned legal in terms of the law, I started to be less restricted. With my license, I was given more leeway into my own decisions. I knew that with “great power, came great responsibility.” I knew my actions would be accounted for and I had no one to fall back on. Becoming an adult meant that my indiidualism would become fully intact.

I Did not mind however, because I learned to really recognize who I am. I learned how to “grow up” and it prepared me for the real world. Knowing that in a few years from now, I will be moved out completely I will understand that I no longer are under my parents and all my actions reflect me. I cannot be under my parents rule nor be able to fall back on my actions an blame them.

It would be easier if I lived in a society where you didn’t need to be individualistic cause it is much more harder.

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  1. My experience was quite similar. Being the oldest, my parents were very strict and didn’t allow me to go out with friends because I was to stay home to be the perfect “role model” for my siblings. So you can imagine my time in high school was spent at home watching tv because I wasn’t allowed on the internet either. However when I started college, I started to see my parents ease up a bit. I was still restricted to my house because I lived at home my freshmen year. It wasn’t until sophomore year of college for me to finally express my individualism.

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